Have a question on using NSS 'Creating a RAID 1 mirror to duplicate data'. We are preparing to move our NSS pool from SAN (a) to SAN (b), I know this can be accomplished by using a RAID 1. The question I have is our current NSS pool is 4TB total, consisting of two different LUN's on SAN (a) which currently has a RAID created as we've done this once before. Our first RAID was created to get our data off the local server and onto a SAN, well now I need to move that from old SAN to new SAN.

So do I create a new (new) raid and add the old raid to that then mirror the data to the new disks? Or do I expand or re stripe the existing RAID adding the extra disks to it?

I know this would be easy if it were just one LUN but the multiple LUNs thing along with an existing RAID is proving challenging to find an analogue in the OES documentation.

Thanks for the thoughts!