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Thread: NetIQ REST driver extra driver-operational-data ?

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    NetIQ REST driver extra driver-operational-data ?

    I want to invoke another rest operaiton from the driver to a different URI as part of the standard add or modify commands from the subscriber channel,
    this additional operation URI has the same security config as the one the dirver is configured with,

    i have custom resource handler for, add(POST), modify(PUT) and query(POST) commands on the driver for the resource i am working with. but this another URI is also part of the same resource and I want to execute this either as part of ADD or MODIFY command. This additional URI requires method PUT.

    As i read the documentaiton

    it describes this as generating additional driver-operation-data, but not is very clear what are the steps of doing this and how to generate additional driver-operational-data from the subscriber policies?

    1. ,Do i need to define custom resource handler for this? (URL extension, command and method)?
    2. Doing this, how can I write additional driver-operation-data from subscriber channel?

    anyone been there could help?

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