We have a LAMP based intranet. Employees request project numbers
through this intranet. The project number request page is a php
script that stores the project number and related information in a
MySQL db and notifies the appropriate people via email. When a
project number is pulled a project folder (with a default sub-folder
structure) needs to be created on one or both of two OES servers.
Right now I get an email when the project number is requested and I
create the folder structure. Which consists of copying a prebuilt
folder tree into the "PROJECTS" volume on the server(s), renaming it
to the project name, and assigning rights. I assign rights via the
Novell client (right-click the folder, add the appropriate eDirectory
group, and give that group the appropriate rights). I would like to
automate this process so when a project number is requested, the
project folder is automatically created. This means a process that
right now just consists of those PHP scripts running on a separate
SLES 11 box needs to somehow create folders on OES 11/2015 NSS volumes
and assign eDirectory rights to them. Is this possible? If so, what
tools/commands should I use? Thanks for any pointers!

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