Hello all.

I have had one occurrence so far, of an odd problem with our GMS server, version 2.0.1, build 53 running on SLES 11 SP2.

Over the weekend, one of my GMS users sent an email using his iPhone. A day later, a different GMS user, a Blackberry user, received the reply to that sent email.

Upon inspection of the email reply properties, the details showed that the original email had been sent using the BB users GroupWise account, showing up in the BB users Sent folder in his Groupwise client. The Sent item shows the From field as, BB User <iPhoneuser@owzw.com>. The properties of the sent item show Created by: BB User.

Has anyone else seen this sort of thing? The logs show activity by both users around the time the email was sent but no error messages or warnings.

The iPhone user's phone stopped syncing altogether around this same time as well (no incoming new emails) and I had to reset his GMS account to fix that problem. It appears to have resolved the cross linked account issue as well but I would like to know what could have happened.