We are working with some administrator assignments on the IDM
Applications 4.5.4 and we have the following issues.

We need to create a permission role and assign to it the permissions to
create/delete roles/resources, so we go to Administration - RBPM
Provisioning and Security - Administrator Assignments. We first create
an assignment for the Role and then we try to add the permissions to
create/delete roles/resources.
The interface returns us a successful message but no assignments are
made. Also, after a refresh the list of "Administrator assignments",
nothing shows up. There aren't any errors on the log or interface.
This type of issue also appears when we try to set a "Navigation Access
Permissions" to a role and permission to a team.
On the other hand, if we make the same assignments to a group or a user,
works perfectly.

Any ideas on what could be happening?

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