So I have security on my back to upgrade java on a couple systems. Upon
further inspection, it's the java in eDirectory they are concerned
It looks like, I'm guessing due to file ownership issues, That the java
with eDirectory didn't get upgraded several times. This system is
running eDirectory but the java on it is 1.7.0_21. Which
according to release notes should have been upgraded past long ago.

I'm getting ready to drop eDir and HF2 on it. Do you think
fixing the file permissions before this will upgrade the java, or am I
going to have to replace it manually, which I've read can be done, but
no further details?
Is it as simple as just changing to link for
/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/nds-modules/jre to a new version? Is there
anything custom or server specific, can I just tar up the existing
directory from a same eDirectory version server?


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