Let me explain: I had a user certificate I created a few years back,
but forgot the password to, so I couldn't import it to a new
workstation. (we use them for wireless authentication).
So, I deleted my cert in iManager, waited a few minutes, and went to
recreate it (same nickname) but it says I can't, a cert with that
nickname already exists.
However, when I go into certs to delete it, nothing comes up, which
makes sense because I'd deleted it.

I don't consider this a certificate issue, per se, but an issue of a
stuck attribute for my user object.
How can I search through eDirectory and clear this thing out?

To clear it, I've tried ndstrace (+SKLK and *H) to do an forced sync,
and also ndsrepair -AD -C -A (external references) I then waited two
days as well. No dice.

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