Had some power work done here over the weekend and, of course, they had
issues and our entire physical environment hard powered off.........sigh

Anyway, I have a server running my gwia (well test gwia anyway) where
ndsd seems to be borked now. (sles11sp4 / oes11sp3 - gw2014r2sp1)

When I power this VM on, it comes up to the login screen. When I log
in, it takes 30-60 minutes to get to the sles desktop and everything is
running VERY slow.

Get into top and see ndsd is taking ALL the cpu cycles, but it is not
running, as ndsstat gives an error stating the edirectory instance
cannot be contacted.

Trying to stop ndsd now and it's been over 10 minutes and it's still
stopping, and when I've tried it before it says a previous pid was
detected and there is a core file.