With ZCM 11.4.2 the power management policy is not applying to our Windows 10 computers. Here is the error on an user computer:

[ERROR] [09/12/2016 14:57:12.257] [2220] [ZenworksWindowsService] [58] [username] [powermanagementpolicy] [POLICYHANDLERS.PowerManagementPolicy.FailedToEnforcePolicy] [La stratégie "CMN-PowerMgmt(6)" n''a pas pu être appliquée du fait d''une erreur.] [Enforcement of power management settings failed.Failed to enforce power management policy   à Novell.Zenworks.PolicyHandlers.PowerManagementPolicy.PwrMgmtHandler.EnforceSettings(PowerManagementPolicyDataType data)
   à Novell.Zenworks.PolicyHandlers.PowerManagementPolicy.PwrMgmtHandler.ApplyPolicies(ApplyPolicyRequest applyPolicyRequest)] [bdf776586448384d0fc74a127595c559] [] [ZENworks Agent]
And this is our policy configuration:


Does anyone has information about this issue? I did not mange to find information about this.

Thanks in advance