I've had a question about GWCheck that I've always been curious about but never asked until now.

When I manually run it using the GWCheck.exe utility and performing a Analyze/Fix Databases, why is it that in my status/log file window that I see details on messages not related to the user. What I mean is that I see blurbs similar to the following:

GWCheck is being performed on user "JSMITH"
Problem 82- Inaccessible attachment file [\\server\path\to\file]
Item Sent by: [Not JSMITH]
Item Sent on: [date/time]
Item Sent to: [Not JSMITH]
Attachment type: File

So to summarize, I'm doing the GWCheck on user JSMITH, and GWCheck throws this error at me, it is always Problem 82. Quite a number of times it is a message to/from JSMITH, but just as often it is something that they are neither the sender or recipient. I was just curious why/how this happens. I can run GWCheck Analyze multiple times in a row, or even do a Structural Rebuild and analyze again and the same records references keep popping up. Was just curious why that is. Thanks!