After installing Security Update 2 (Filr- we experience bad performance and instability on the desktop client (Windows):

It can take up to hours of waiting before new/updated files will show up in Windows File Explorer. The files show up correct on the web and backend.
Browsing files/folders that is in an available online-only state is slow in Windows File Explorer. When we try to save a file directly from an application (MS Word, Adobe Reader), the browsing is extremely slow.
Filr desktop client reports to have some local changes after the change have been made. We see a red cross in the console, but the file is already synced.

These bugs started to happen after the installation of Security Update 2 Filr- patch or perhaps a Windows update.

Anyone else got similar experience after installing Security Update 2 or similar problems the last 2-3 weeks?

Inge Braathen, Hedmark University of Applied Sciences.