After installing Security Update 2 (Filr- we experience bad performance and instability on the desktop client (Windows):

• It can take up to hours of waiting before new/updated files will show up in Windows File Explorer. The files show up correct on the web and backend.
• Browsing files/folders that is in an available online-only state is slow in Windows File Explorer. When we try to save a file directly from an application (MS Word, Adobe Reader), the browsing is extremely slow.
• Filr desktop client reports to have some local changes after the change have been made. We see a red cross in the console, but the file is already synced.

These bugs started to happen after the installation of Security Update 2 Filr- patch or perhaps a Windows update.

Anyone else got similar experience after installing Security Update 2 or similar problems the last 2-3 weeks?

Inge Braathen, Hedmark University of Applied Sciences.