Server:14.2.1 D/T Clients: 14.2.1 & 14.0.2

I have several users who get a D115 error upon starting their GW client. They are able to acknowledge the error and continue working. I am certain that the error comes from trying to access their Archive which sits on a network drive:

* they receive the error when they try to manually archive something in their inbox.
* they receive the error when they try to access their archive.
* I can replicate the error creating a user account with the same FID on a test system and trying to access the archive.

I circumvent the error by pointing the user's client to a new archive File Location. This, however, doesn't solve the problem of the user losing his/her old archives.

GWCheck run against the, presumably corrupted, archive doesn't fix anything. I've tried Structural Rebuild and Analyze/Fix Databases to no avail.

I haven't yet tried restoring earlier versions of the archive although I suspect this will work although it will cause the user to have to manually merge the old and new archives.

I've seen several posts concerning this problem but only a few involve archives. One poster successfully pointed a client to a new archive and, then, back to the old archive. This did not work for us.

Any suggestions?