Hello there everybody.

I do realize that this setup may be so special, that no one here has any
experience with it. And the questions should perhaps be directed at
Anyway, since almost everybody here is so nice, helpful and knowledgeable,
I will try here first.

We have a setup where we use:
1) Exchange 2013 onprem - synced using an AD driver
2) Skype for business in o365 - synced using O365 driver

The issue is, that the SfB chat/conversation logs are not saved to the
outlook mailboxes
As far as I can tell, we have configured the EWS adresses in exchange
correctly, and the DNS records looks just fine.
For some reason, skype is not displaying the EWS-internal and EWS-External
addresses. I believe that is why skype cannot connect to the outlook

I do believe that
1) The email adress onprem, and the sip addresses in the cloud looks like
they should match up.

What I am confused about, is that the documentation sometimes tell me,
that I will need to populate the o365/Azure SMTP attribute, to make skype
able to find the exchange webservices.
I does not seem to have an option to do that
Something else might be wrong, the KB articles about this is very

Now, my questions are:
1) Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?
2) Does MS at all give us support when we are using IdM and not dirsync to
perform the provisioning?
3) Any other valuable advice?