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    iPrint Very Unreliable

    We've run iPrint in our tree using SLES 11 SP3/OES11 sp2 and now iPrint Appliance 1.1. We're in a school district with approximately 3000 Macs and a handful of Windows XP and 7 machines. We use a single iPrint server consisting of about 200 printers with around 180 HP printers and 20 Xerox machines. We have drivers for Mac, XP and 7.

    We've run into problems on both server platforms. From time to time, our iPrint server stops processing requests, the psmstatus page becomes unresponsive and I have to reload the driver store, print manager, and Apache, sometimes several times over before it starts processing requests. Lately, the problem has been worse and we've called support in the past and the only thing they were able to do was disassociate the drivers from the printers and that seems to at least let the print jobs process more reliably. That's obviously not a long term solution. I'm not sure if the problem is the number of requests to the print server, the types of jobs being sent, etc.

    The print manager seems to restart on its own a lot but most of the time this doesn't cause a problem. Has anyone encountered this type of unreliability and it lasts for long periods of time? We have to get this issue fixed or my organization is going to request a different printing solution as this has been far too unreliable. We do have a few deleted printers that a few of our clients still have installed, but that's not that many. We've made sure our clients have the newest iPrint clients installed. I've also attached a screen shot of the load strings our printer agents use. Anyone else run into these kinds of issues?
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