We have a wierd problem on our estate, that has occurred after a client upgrade.. though we cant actually determine when.

The default login on the windows GINA is Novell Client, falling back to windows if the machine is offline

However if a person locks their work station, and then tried to unlock it either immediatly or after a short break they are getting

'The windows password cannot be validated at this time because the connection to the Novell Network was lost.'

However this machine is clearly still on the network, and this message will LITERALLY popup after you lock the machine, try to log straight back on.

How can I either

1) Track down why this is occuring


2) Make WINDOWS AUTHENTICATION the default when logging back onto the LOCKED WORKSTATION.. but not altering the initial login screen which has to be Novell.

Any assistance appreciated (NOTE we are using Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 7 (IR8))