I just noticed this the other day. I have 2 large clustered Filr systems.
One for eDir
One for AD

Edir side works fine

AD side, not so much.
Last week, I noticed that if I accessed web version of Filr, and clicked that little tiny "down" arrow next to a file (more actions), nothing happens. NORMALLY you'd get a little blackish menu with options like:
Download this file
Edit this file

So I accessed the filr appliances directly in case it was one appliance not acting "normal". That originally turned out to be the case.
Filr #1, worked as it should
Filr #2, no menu.

Didn't do anything as it was Friday. Today, I come in and both filr servers no longer show the menu items.

Anyone know what would cause this to happen?

The button IS there, you CAN click it, just that nothing happens.

Both clustered systems are on Filr 2.0 Hot Patch 2. (The security update doesn't address bugs, AFAIK).