Running GW2014sp2 on sles11sp4 / oes11sp3 for post offices.

Clients running GW2014sp2 (build 120664) on win7 64 VMs.

One user here is having issues where appointments posted to both her
and her boss's calendar are not showing up on her calendar. Doesn't
happen all the time, it's quite random.

Some other background info on this, this user's mailbox is over 3.64GB
in size, with an archive of over 4.4GB in size. I know, these should
not be an issue, just giving info.

This department runs things a bit weird, this person (as do all the
secretaries in this office) has proxy access to 10 (sometimes more)
different calendars, all of which are open all the time in her
calendar. Each calendar is quite full with appointments for pretty
much every M-F.

I've run standalone gwchecks against her PO, archive, ran them enough
to come back with 0 errors several times in a row.

Any suggestions to get all her appointments to make it to her calendar?