(This isn't strictly about server _install_, more about server management, but none of the other forums seem obviously more appropriate at a glance.)

Some time ago, we put in new satellite servers to replace our existing ones, and removed the old servers entirely. They no longer exist, and cannot be spun back up, even temporarily. Their ZENworks objects are in "Lost" state.

To the best of my recollection, what I did to remove the old servers from use as satellites was to go to Configuration -> Server Hierarchy, select the satellite server in question, and choose "Remove Satellite Server..." from the Action menu. I did not retire or delete the objects of the old satellites immediately, because at the time they still existed, and we wanted to retain the option of bringing them back into service if the new satellites had any issues.

Today, I have gone back and attempted to retire the ZENworks objects for the old satellites. I have done this by going to Devices -> Satellite Servers, selecting the satellite server in question, and choosing "Retire Device" from the Action menu.

This results in the following message at the top of the page, with the name of the object at hand inserted in the appropriate place:
Note:  	The device "serverobjectname" has a service role (content, collection, etc.) and must be demoted before retiring.
(Except for the word "Note:", this message is bright blue.)

Because the satellite server has been removed, as above, the satellite object in question is not listed under Configuration -> Server Hierarchy; as a result, I cannot check on or remove any configured roles from that location. I have not been able to find any way of accessing satellite-role information from any other place.

I cannot add the server back as a satellite temporarily in order to modify its role configuration, because since it was taken out of service, we have upgraded to a new version of ZENworks Configuration Management; as such, the system refuses to promote the object to be a satellite server, because its Agent version is older than the version of the primary server being used to promote the satellite. (Since the server is defunct and no longer exists, I naturally cannot bring it up in order to upgrade it to the newer Agent version.)

I have not attempted to delete the objects for these old satellites, in part because I would prefer to keep them around for historical reference just in case, in part because that step is irreversible, and in part because it wouldn't surprise me if doing so would also be rejected on the same grounds as the retirement attempt.

Is there any way for me to resolve this situation, such that these obsolete server objects can be either retired or (less preferably) deleted? Or have I backed myself into a corner here, with effectively no way out?