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Thread: OES 11SP2 - Random slow downs

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    OES 11SP2 - Random slow downs

    I have cifs & GW running on OES11 SP2
    Moved from Netware

    From time to getting slow downs

    We got rid of Novell clients and just using cifs - this did improve overall speed
    with Novell client even copying from server to Workstations & the over way was slow

    I've changed scheduled events in GW to SATURDAY - nobody in !

    Sage 50 accounts (File based database) has a major slow down from time to time
    also effects copying files too

    can be ok for days and then ...

    slow down lasts hours / sometimes all day practically!

    Checked & replaced network switch & patch cables

    is the OES server doing maintenance tasks perhaps ?

    any ideas what I should try?

    BTW: last Friday I moved the Sage Accounts to Windows 2012 server and things work much better
    and consistent
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