I'm facing some problems with windows policy deployment.

I was using ZCM 11.4.1, and I saw that lots of workstations was complaining that they couldn't apply group policies.

Last week I upgraded my primary server to 11.4.2, and started to update the workstations (windows 7 SP1, 32 and 64 bits). After that, I saw that the majority of the workstations got fixed.

But one of the workstations still have the problem, even after upgrading to agent 11.4.2. It throws several errors and warnings, saying that's "unable to find a subroutine associated to the type: grouppolicy".

It seems that the problem is also associated to some windows update fix, but I'm on a chicken-or-egg-situation, as I need the group policy to work so the machine can load the updates from our WSUS server.

Does anyone have any hint on how can I fix this?