So thinking of upgrading our physical oes11 servers to a new set of VMware Oes15 servers.

My main Questions are I guess on storage and backups?

Does DST work and is it worth looking at.

I'm going to have around 12tb of data probably on a HPE DL380gen9 with a MSA2040 connected via SATA with RAID10 disk array filling up the first enclosure on the 2040.

I want a new file structure and layout and only want to drag some data in and have some older data still visible, but want to move that off 7 year old hardware.

So this extra data what is a cheap way of keeping it online can I use something like a qnap to store it on with DST or what is recommended another second vmhost with a loading of internal disks in an array? Not quite as much as the big vm?

How do I do a decent backup and have months of backups? Veeam and a huge qnap which syncs to another offsite qnap or what? Any advice appreciated.