IŽam researching about this subjets since IDM 4.0.2, now we are using 4.5.

Retraction of Workflows are affecting us in different ways, the users can retract all workflows that they initiate and:
1- We lost actions that are executed when a WF are approve or deny (Notifications, logs, LDAP operation, etc)
2- The log only write "retract", there is no info about who did it.
3- We cant know when a workflow is retracted to exceute custom actions.
4- We cant hide or block the Retract button.
5- Restrict View in PRDs didn't help.

I've read the documentation and the forum, I didn't find any solution or workarroud that allow us mitigate this problems. Some topics are:

I wanna know if someone have any idea of what to do whit this, after all, this is only a button / action that we wanna to hide / block.