OES Client 2 SP4 IR3 (silent) setup/upgrade over Novell Client 2 SP4 IR2. Failed on Windows 7 SP1 fully patched (including KB3033929 and KB2921916) ...
[SETUPNCI.DLL] ERROR: Error code: 0xe000024b Unknown error
[SETUPNCI.DLL] ERROR: SetupCopyOEMInf(C:\NC2setup\netnvcli.inf,NULL,1,0, ,260,NULL,NULL) failed
FormatMessage() failed; error 317, original error 3758096971
[SETUPNCI.DLL] ERROR: NV_NVCLIENT upgrade failed with error -536870325
[SETUPNC.EXE] ERROR: Install(NV_NVCLIENT, C:\NC2setup\netnvcli.inf) failed with abnormal error code -536870325
[SETUP] ERROR: ""C:\NC2setup\Install\amd64\SetupNC.exe" /I NV_NVCLIENT "C:\NC2setup\netnvcli.inf"" returned -536870325
[SETUP] ERROR: Installation of the Client failed.
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.