A customer is running IDM 4.5.3 on Windows 2012 R2 servers.

The customer would like to rename the UA server from
ua.internaldomain.com to idm.externaldomain.com

As I see it, the following is needed:

1. The server itself is renamed
2. DNS records in AD DNS are created
2. A new certificate for idm.externaldomain.com is used by the Tomcat,
and this certificate is imported in the required keystores as usual
3. UA and Role Res drivers are reconfigured for new names
4. Configupdate is run and DNS names changed
5. All GCVs in the designer project are changed to the new name

That should be it I think.

Now I am not sure about running (ongoing) workflows in the PostgreSQL
database. I would think that changing the DNS for the connection in
configupdate would be sufficient, and it would just work afterwards, but
I think having some running workflows before the rename, and testing if
these can be completed afterwards is a good idea. Also testing that
drivers can start workflows afterwards is a good idea. Of course logging
in to the UA is also a test.

Is there anything that I should be aware of? Have I forgotten anything?

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