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Thread: remote delete PBA-User? / remote wipe?

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    Question remote delete PBA-User? / remote wipe?

    In the ideas portal i've wrote:

    Employee will be fired and keep the notebook with sensitive data at home (won't give it back).

    -> Need a possiblilty to remote-delete the pba user immediately, so that the user don't have access to the device anymore. Preferable via internet, so next time the device is connected with internet, the zcm-agent can get the "poisen pill" from zcm-server (without the need to connect the lost device with corporate lan).
    and got this commentar now:

    Maintaining a Primary in the DMZ would allow you to do this.
    Does anyone have experience with this? What port do we have to open for internet traffic in the firewall, so that only the functionality of "reset pba user" would be accessible via internet?
    And...on device-level in ZCC there is just an option to add/update pba-user, so i guess i have to change the users password to restrict the access for a specific user? - Can't find a special option to delete a specific pba-user...Am i right?
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