I'm seeing this issue in a number of policies. This is the JDBC policy. When the database is read and an attribute is changed, a later condition using (if operation attribute is changing) returns false. I have enclosed the condition test, XML and the operation flow.

Not sure why I'm seeing this as these rules have been untouched for about two years.
Any help would be appreciated


From log file
<modify class-name="User" dest-dn="xxxx" dest-entry-id="72116" event-id="PK_STUDENT_ID=92002872,table=VIEW_USR,schema=D IRECT" src-dn="PK_STUDENT_ID=92002872,table=VIEW_USR,schema=D IRECT">
<association>PK_STUDENT_ID=92002872,table=VIEW_USR ,schema=DIRECT</association>
<modify-attr attr-name="StudentBuilding">
<value timestamp="1467327056#216" type="int">13</value>
<value type="integer">11</value>

Evaluating selection criteria for rule 'Grades-K-4-PasswordSet-Control'.
[09/28/16 10:21:42.830]:eSchool2vault PT: (if-op-attr 'StudentBuilding' changing) = FALSE.
[09/28/16 10:21:42.831]:eSchool2vault PT: (if-operation equal "add") = FALSE.
[09/28/16 10:21:42.831]:eSchool2vault PT: Rule rejected.

<if-op-attr name="StudentGrade" op="changing"/>
<if-class-name op="equal">User</if-class-name>
<if-association op="associated"/>
<if-operation op="equal">add</if-operation>
<if-class-name op="equal">User</if-class-name>
<if-password op="not-available"/>

Driver name: Identity Manager Driver for JDBC
Driver module: com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.jdbc.JDBCDriverShim

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Driver ID: JDBC
Driver version: 3.5.9