we are experiencing a strange behaviour on our NAM 4.0.1 environment. We
have 2 clusters with 2 Access Gateway (AG) each one to separate the
application access by business areas. Also we have a cluster of 2 IDS
used by some applications with authentication requirements.

Well, one of the applications is using SSO on NAM to authenticate and
isn't running very well. If we have the 2 Access Gateway running,
depends on the AG that the request is using SSO works or doesn't work,
the web server return a 500 error. Apparently the error is using always
the same AG. But if we shutdown the "good" AG then the SSO starts to run
properly through the one that was failing with the 2 AG runnings. if we
invert the situation and we shut down the other AG, the SSO works
properly too. I mean SSO and form filling always work if one of the AG
is off.

We detect that the AG that doesn't work is the last that has been
started or restarted. I believe something kind communication problem
between them or similar is occurring. We reviewed and compared all AG
configurations, recreated the Form Fill policy, changed the access port
form 443 to 80... with success.

I'll appreciate some suggestions or ideas.

Sorry if you miss more information but I write the post out of the
office. I'll try complete soon. Meanwhile, I'll appreciate some
suggestions or ideas.

Thanks & Regards.


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