Hi All,

I wanted to get peoples thoughts on moving GroupWise (inc PO's, MTA's and Gateways) from NSS to EXT3.

A couple of the thoughts I had were around the management and accessibility from Windows clients. Our usage of GroupWise includes many huge GroupWise archives which need to be accessible from the Windows client base. So for this to work I understand we would need SAMBA. Luckily the access to these archives is only with 3 users so account management from a Linux perspective shouldn't be too difficult, and at the end of the day I think we could easily work with a single generic local Linux user account.

There seems to be two version of SAMBA available in Novell land - SUSE SAMBA and OES SAMBA. Are there any/many differences between the two? eDirectory/LUM integration would be a plus but if it comes at a trade off with performance or usability - we can do without.

Given the nature of GroupWise archives (thousands/millions of tiny files) - are we likely to experience a degradation in performance moving from NSS/NCP/Novell Client to EXT3/SAMBA?

Are there any gotchas, other than needing to reassign rights, when migrating from NSS to EXT3?

Any help, tips and experience would be appreciated.