Hi guys,

I am working on REST driver for an integration of one cloud service over
SCIM. Unfortunately, I cannot user build in functionality to convert XDS
to JSON and vice versa because JSON for SCIM looks quite different. So I
developed my own transformations but I am struggling with the matching
policies now.

e.g. I have a matching policy like that:
<do-find-matching-object scope="subtree">
<arg-match-attr name="userName">
<arg-value type="string">
<token-src-attr name="CN"/>

this generate a query which my policy transforms to the JSON object and
I get an success response in the input transformation policy. And here I
have to convert JSON to XDS but I do not know how the response should
look to match an user. Now the user is sill not associated. So I build a
workaround only. I create a association and I do veto for new add
operation (checking if the association exists and operation is add).

This is my response from SCIM what I have to somehow transform to the
right XDS:
<nds dtdversion="3.0">
<product build="20150722_0750" version="">Identity Manager
REST Driver</product>
<contact>NetIQ Corporation.</contact>
<status event-id="0" level="success" type="driver-general">
<driver-operation-data class-name="User" command="query"
dest-dn="" event-id="0">
filter="?filter=userName+eq+%22mjuricek%22&amp;rea d-attr="/>
<header content-type="application/json"/>

<value>{"totalResults":1,"itemsPerPage":1,"startIn dex":1,"schemas":["urn:scim:schemas:core:1.0"],"Resources":[{"userName":"mjuricek","name":{"familyName":"Ju r
icek","givenName":"Milan"},"active":true,"emails":[{"value":"mjuricek@acme.com","type":"work"}],"groups":[{"value":"CN=consultants,CN=Users,DC=acme,DC=com"} ,{"value":"C

Can someone help me with that?


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