I am new to the ZCM update process and could use some guidance. We currently have three primary servers, 15 satellite servers, all running ZCM 11.4.0. We are looking at updating to ZCM 11.4.2 but first we need to apply the “Post 11SP4 Update Prereq” patch.

The documentation for the update to 11.4.2 appears to be fairly detailed which includes:
- Backup of the database prior to upgrade, we currently use MSSQL (Not listed, but I am assuming it would be best practice.)
- Running the update on one server at a time and stopping the Monitor, Server, and Loader service on the remaining primary servers.

I have looked through the documentation and tested the process in a small VM installation and have the following question.

Does the “Post 11SP4 Update Prereq” patch also need to follow the same process?

Also, I have selected to reboot after installation and it does not reboot the server. Is it safe to assume that the server does not need to reboot after applying this patch?

Thank you for your assistance.