I want to deploy a bundle to WS that just adds a key to the registry. I want to have it occur as quickly as possible. I create the bundle, then under the Action Settings ~ Install tab, I add a 'Registry Edit' action and specify what to change.

On the Relationships tab, I assign it to a WS, and for Assignment Details, I set a Distribution Schedule type of 'On Device Refresh' and check the box to 'Install Immediately after Distribution'. I don't check the 'Launch Immediately after Installation' because in my mind the 'install' action should put the key in the registry so there is no need to launch it.

Under these conditions, how many refreshes of the ZENworks agent are needed to have the key appear in the registry? One or Two? It looks like I have to do one refresh to get the ZCM agent on the WS to know taht the bundle is assigned to it and another to have it 'launch it' (or add the key to the registry)? Is that correct?

If I had checked the box to 'Launch Immediately after Installation' would that have put the registry key in the after one refresh of the ZCM agent?