(ZCM 11.4.2, Single Primary Server)
I want to see from the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) how many WS have successfully deployed a bundle I assigned to the WS (not user assignment). I go to the Bundle in the ZCC and on the Summary tab toward the bottom, I refresh the Bundle status. There are 3 sections - Assignment Status, Deployment Status and Launch Status. I deployed it to 18 WS so under Assignment Status section in the 'Targeted' column, I see 18. I have 0 under 'Devices Effective', 3 under 'Devices Not Effective', 16 'Pending' and 0/18 'Blocked/Targeted'. I know for a fact that three of the machines have had the bundle deployed successfully. What does it mean that these three show up under 'Devices Not Effective'.

BTW, notice that it shows 18 devices 'Targeted' and 3 'Devices Not Effective' so I would think there would be 15 devices 'Pending'; not 16. Why the discrepancy?

Then under the Deployment Status section, Device row, I have 0 in the 'Devices Pending', 'Devices Succeeded' and 'Devices Failed' columns. Why wouldn't I have 3 under 'Devices Succeeded' and 15 'Devices Pending'?

When is the bundle status updated? It doesn't appear to be at that time that the bundle is successfully deployed to the WS. I had to run and inventory update and then an STS rollup one one WS to get the Devices Not Effective to update from 2 to 3. Doing a "zac zeus-refresh" and a "zac refresh" did not do it.

This doesn't make sense.