Running eDir on RHEL. I decided to tinker with some data backups
in our Dev environment today, and ran the commands

ndsbackup cvf ndsbackupfile_groups -a ou=user
ndsbackup cvf ndsbackupfile_people -a

in a screen session before I left work this afternoon. However, upon
checking in on it, I see it has actually updated the timestamp on
multiple attributes per object in each container and created a very
large change cache that the environment is struggling to process (Max
Ring Delta is about 2.5 hours). The changes I can see are:

- every object class (9 per group object, 11 per person object) got a
new timestamp
- Revision got a new timestamp
- auxClassCompatibility (2 per object)

People has 444031 objects, User Groups has 85884 objects.

It seems unacceptable to actually touch/modify the objects that way just
to back them up. Did I completely misread/misunderstand what ndsbackup
does, or is there something else going on here?

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