Good day
We are migrating the UA database from MySQL to postgresql 9.5 EDB running on redhat 6.8 , IDM engine 4.0.2 Patch 7 and UA 4.0.2 patche E
We did a new install of the UA with the postgresql database server .
We are getting below error whenever we restart the UA .
how can we resolve these errors
72a1974fba86f2a6284) to correct value
14:48:33,242 ERROR [STDERR] INFO 10/11/16 2:48 PM:liquibase: Updating null or out of date checksum on changeSet DatabaseChangeLog.xml::100::IDMRBPM:Checksum: 3:99ce9507efb3df997b2c20be6bd6624f) to correct value
14:48:33,250 ERROR [STDERR] INFO 10/11/16 2:48 PM:liquibase: Reading from databasechangelog
14:48:35,241 ERROR [STDERR] INFO 10/11/16 2:48 PM:liquibase: Marking ChangeSet: DatabaseChangeLog.xml::100::IDMRBPM:Checksum: 3:99ce9507efb3df997b2c20be6bd6624f) ran despite precondition failure due to onFail='MARK_RAN':
DatabaseChangeLog.xml : plpgsql language already exists, skipping creat