I have an old workstation class system that is running an OES2 NSS file server which is starting to experience a hardware failure and I am planning to upgrade/migrate it to a VM running OES11. I am hoping to use the Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit to do this but also wanted to check the best practice. Am I able to use the Migration Toolkit and go from the physical OES2 to a virtual OES11, or should I first upgrade the physical box to the current OES11 to then migrate it?

I'm just looking for the quickest way to move this, and I'm primarily concerned about the NSS data volume. I do have backups and it is quite feasible to build a new server and new environment (this was a one server shop) and restore the data, but if I can use the Migration Toolkit to retain the current server's settings and configuration it would make my job that much easier.