I have a funny problem.

I have enabled entitlement for account, group, license and role on the
o365 driver.
In my test-environment it works nicely, but in production the group
entitlement acts odd!
When creating a resource and selecting group entitlement I only see
three of the groups in o365 (one of them does not even exist anymore).
A entitlement refresh does not have any effect on groups, but new
licenses and roles get collected.

In the test environment I can see a query for all of the entitlements
(including groups) in the driver trace when doing a refresh, but in
production the group query are left out.

There are no errors in the trace.
The drivers are identical - developed in test and copied to prod.

Entitlement on all other drivers works fine.

eDir 8888
IDM 4.0.2
RL 4.5.3

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