I am needing to upgrade my zenworks database hardware and not sure of
the best way to go about it....I am not an SQL wizard, the Zenworks db
is the only SQL servr I am running so what is likely a very easy process
scares me a bit

The goal is to move from the current hardware with Win2008 R2 and
SQL2008 to new hardware with Windows Server 2016 Standard and MS SQL
2016. The docs say support for SQL only for 2014 but I assume the new
version of Zen that is coming out "soon" will work with 2016. If I must
use SQL 2014 that's what I'll use.

We are currently on 11.4.2. I have 3 linux primaries.

I saw the directions on the docs to change the database settings in ZCC
for moved/migrated database but I am not really sure the best way to get
the step one (ie actually have 2 databases and need to change the
settings in ZCC).

Anyone have a guide or howto for this?