I'm having some trouble with my CRL HTTP distribution points.
In iManager, I think they're pointing to:
/srv/www/htdocs/crl (standard webserver path)

but the actual CRL.crl file lives under:

This latter path is not accessible via web, and the permissions are also
rather strict.

So, I made a soft link of the crl file, from the novell path to the
standard webserver path, and the error at least changed from "not found"
to "permission denied".
So then I deleted and link, I simply copied the crl file to the
webserver path, and it actually was available for view or saving.
However, this method won't follow updates to the CRL.
The only other recourse I can see is changing permissions for the novell
path, and that seems.. not smart.

Why would it put the CRL in a location that isn't available via HTTP?

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