I have a Group Policy that pushes out Computer configuration settings for WSUS settings and this policy is assigned to Devices. I also have a Group Policy that pushes out User Configuration and Computer Configuration settings to my students (the computer configuration settings include a few setting changes for switch user settings, it does not have the WSUS settings configured as they are configured in the WSUS policy). This Group policy is assigned to my students. So when my students log on to a computer at this school they get the Device assigned Group Policy that has the WSUS settings and then they get their User assigned Group Policy that has their user config settings and then switch user computer config settings. My question is, does the user assigned policy take precedence and over right any settings that are modified in the device assigned policy? In other words, since the WSUS settings are not configured in the user assigned policy would those non-configured settings be set for the user rather than the WSUS settings that were configured in the Device assigned policy?

I hope this makes sense, let me know if not.