We updated our web ssl certs and deleted the old one, but I forgot to select the new one as the default.
This broke the application server, couldn't log in to 9443 or 8443 and all syncing stopped on the clients. We use Veeam backup (which uses snapshots) so it didn't have a backup the "Persistant" 2nd drive (Vastorage).

After much searching and even building a new application server I finally found the Keystore folder used by Filr, but this was empty.
I have fixed the system up by copying a the keystore folder from the new Application Server installation to the original App Server.

My question is :-
Does this usually happen, for it to break so badly? Should it have warned me that there is no default SSL cert selected when I changed it through the web console? I thought it would have at least defaulted to the self-signed certificate.
I now know how to manually install/update certs through the Linux console, but is there a white paper explaining where the various components are in the Linus file structure? ie web config files, virtual hosts etc.

Just don't want to go down this road again.