After applying the OES11SP3/SUSE11SP4 update to the server that hosts my GroupWise primary domain and GroupWise Monitor, I can no longer access any of the web services that use Apache2/Tomcat6.
That includes:
Server's home page
GroupWise Monitor web console

The GW Admin console and the monitor Agent Console work properly.

/var/log/Apache2/error_log shows "client denied by server configuration: /srv/www/htdocs", but I didn't see anything in that folder or its contents that jumped out at me.
When compared to another server that runs all of the non-GroupWise services, all of the file and folder permissions seem to be the same.

I've found conversations about Nagios showing a 403 error message and how to address that, but nothing on the underlying Apache2 and tomcat6.

Any cogent ideas on where to look for answers are welcome.