I have learned the hard way about the size of the /vastorage. We had no problems when version 1.2 was running, but shortly after upgrading to version 2 the ability to upload files would stop.

The problem was that the /vastorage we had (200 GB) was 88% full. After doubling the size to 400 GB, the problem ceased. After the increase in size, the amount of space consumed was 44%. Within a week it had swollen to 52%. I suspect it will continue to go up.

The documentation is not clear on the size, but says something like /vastorage needs to be 3x the amount uploaded to the user’s “personal storage”. We had “personal storage” turned off, so I originally felt we would have no problem.

Tech support informed me that the Filr appliance uses /vastorage for indexing. If you have “index the content of files” turned on you will need a minimum of 1.1 MB per file indexed. With 5,469,533 files, my /vastorage would need to be well over 5.75 TB. Now the 3x statement in the documentation and - Holy cow! That is apparently part of what is required, and tech support would not commit to a formula for sizing other than to say contact my sales rep to arrange for consulting from Micro Focus to help me build out the system I want. (right!)

So, the lesson learned is that it’s no wonder that the tech support person said most people turn that feature (index the content) off. So much for searching more than file names. I’m kinda bummed. I am turning off "index the content".