Hi, I'm trying to install OSP using the osp_sspr_installer that is bundled with the Identity Manager 4.5 installation media.

But when I have selected the tomcat installation I have on my application server which is c:\netiq\idm\apps\tomcat and build 7.0.72 it fails and says it's a invalid TOMCAT_HOME.

Does anyone have a suggestion with this?

The exact message since I can't add a picture is
"Invalid TOMCAT_HOME Folder"

"The folder, c:\netiq\idm\apps\tomcat, is not a valid TOMCAT_HOME folder.... Select a valid location"

So I am wondering then does the installer do some kind of validation of the tomcat folder before it attempts to install? I thought it was advised to use a newer tomcat then the bundled version for it since the bundled one is version 55 or so which is from 2014.