I am trying to set up for example a Microsoft Critical Patches Policy with these parameters.

Vendor = Microsoft
Age <= 1 year
impact = critical

If I add these filters and then click apply I get the list of patches as expected but many of them are not cached.

If I go into Patch Management and then the "patches" tab and do a search of Vendor = Microsoft and impact critical, every single patch is cached. I have also checked include disabled and patched as a test with same results.

Searching for the patches that show as uncached in the rules gives me mixed results, sometimes I don't find them or they show as cached but with a different architecture version.

Other steps I've taken were to recreated the policies and recache all of the patches. I'm not sure what to do and thought id check here before opening an SR, thanks for any advice.

We're on Zenworks 11.4.3 and Suse linux 11 SP4