Hello dear community!

I already asked my questions in the SLES forums https://forums.suse.com/showthread.p...ed=1#post34882, they told me I might have better luck here.

In my tomcat6 logs, I find the following error:

java.io.IOException: Failed to access resource /WEB-INF/lib/[taglibs-core].jar

File permissions are okay (readable to everyone, owner root, write permissions only for root).

We are talking about a "fresh" install of OES2015, nothing installed which is not in the Novell repos, no changes to tomact6 confuguration files (apart from tomcat-users.xml).

I'm just asking out of curiosity, since I'm new to Linux (coming from the Windows world) and I want to learn. The error doesn't seem to affect tomcat, tomcat works fine on my OES2015.

Thanks for your help / information!