We have IDM 4.0.2 and Citizens users login through a portal called HAG.
HAG pointing to eDir.
Now we going redirect HAG to AD. And we have changed some veto roles so
we letting in Citizens to AD without Domain User rights.

The problem we get, we only succed 600 Citizen out of 1000 we tested
migrate. I have changed password on the user under eDir but with no
I have a log with user PeBe0101 who succced to migrate and DaAl0101
which is failing.

The only differens between the logs I can found under before lot of
errors, this include under PeBe0101 log but not under DaAl0101

DirXML: [10/21/16 11:48:15.40]: ADDriver: change password: old=(none),
DirXML: [10/21/16 11:48:15.41]: ADDriver: password change complete
DirXML: [10/21/16 11:48:15.41]: ADDriver: set userAccountControl returns

The log are longer then 10000 character, so I put it here under.


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