in one of our customers idm enviroment, it takes very long time (up to 5
min.) to load the Task Notifications to UA Dashboard (old UA). This
happens on the first time, when a user get logged in and clicked on the
dashboard first time. When the same user or any other logout and login
again, the loading time of the task notification is ok (few seconds).
Looks like the values are stored on the server side cache (a cache
holder?) and after some time the values are getting refreshed. After the
cache gets freshed (by the system periodically or manual flush), it
takes again very long time until the task notifications get loaded.

Is it posssible to speed this up? Or can somebody tell me more about how
the task notification load process works? The task informations are
getting loaded from the ua db and i have enabled ldap trace and noticed,
that a lot of queries are running against the edirectory, but i don't
know exacltly what the programm is looking for with the queries.

The env has over 200.000 Roles, can this be a reason?

UA version 4.5.3
UA Database MS SQL

Thanks in advance



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