Hi everyone,

Obviously, I'm not a networking specialist so bear with me here...

We're trying to figure out if we can use multicast imaging in Zenworks across VLANs. We're in a school environment and all our labs are isolated within their own VLAN. We often have to image a bunch of labs all at once and unicast isn't cutting it. From what I've read in the Zenworks documentation, this might be possible but there's no configuration within Zenworks to make this work. Apparently, It all comes down to proper network configuration and support. I've taken to googling to find out if this can be done. Although I haven't encountered multicast routing guides designed with Zenworks in mind or any detailed success stories, there have been bleeps on the radar here or there:


Here are my questions:

  1. Can Zenworks multicast imaging work across VLANs if the network equipment supports it and is properly configured for multicast routing?
  2. Anything we should look out for? (Tips and Tricks, Gotchas?)
  3. Any pros and cons to this solution?
  4. How would you rate this solution vs using a client within the VLAN to multicast (This seems like a lot of extra work every time)?
  5. Are there any other options for simultaneous computer lab mass deployments with separate VLANs?

Please, share your experiences!

Thanks for your time!