Hello. I am wondering if I can get some suggestions on an upgrade I am about to perform. I am planning on either migrating to new server or upgrade current server from SLES10SP4/OES2SP3 w/GW8 to SLES11SP3/OES11SP3 w/GW2012, because of a contract our client will only allow us to move to GW2012 and not GW2014. Our current environment is SLES10 SP4 with OES2 SP3 running GW 8 SP3. We also run an NSS volume for user files using EVMS. I run a 3rd party product to backup our volume files so that is already set. I also ran an eDirectory backup using DSBK, and I have ran a DBCOPY to backup up my GW Domain and POA databases both which have been backed up by the 3rd party software. We receive DHCP and DNS from our client, so any configuration for these is not needed. My questions are as follow, what exactly am I going to need to backup or what else would I need to backup for GW8? Will GW8 migrate to an installed GW2012?

I am leaning towards build out the new server then migrate all the services using the migration tool. I have familiarized myself with Linux so I am able to move around and figure things out if needed. I just feel like I might be missing something, server upgrades/migrations are pretty nerve racking considering it is a contract client. Thanks for any suggestions or guidance in advance.