using vibe 4.0.2 on port 443 (not 8443!)
Website works fine, also the webdav access using win10 or win7

Mac users got a problem with webdav, because the finder not asks for
username and password when connecting to the server.

So I would provide them the desktop app. At first I test the app using
my own system under windows. After some heavy research I found the
download at novell.com (download.novell.com, extended search, select
vibe) and installed the approbiate app for windows 10 64bit.

After install I entered the credentials and server address and get an
error message: "unknown error occured while connecting to the server.
Please ask your system administrator".

After some try and error I found a relation to the username
- above message with external user
- "wrong username or password" with ldap user
- successful login with admin credentials

I´m just scrolling trough administration app: where to configure the
access for external users?


Gotthard Anger
Anwenderbetreuung Netzwerkadministration
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